Fire Safety Inspection Application

The FastRFID Fire Safety Inspection app features Feig industrial RFID technology coupled with tablets or laptops to assure comprehensive accountability during fire safety inspections. RFID tags each have unique IDs that once affixed, require scans physically at the asset location.

Scheduled or ad hoc inspections – Never miss a scheduled inspection with the option to so an inspection on the fly

Example and corrective photos – Asset or location photos may be assigned as examples of an inspection guide or for remedial action

On-Premises implementation – Regulations often require extensive record keeping; an on-premises implementation assures your control of your data

Have it your way customization – Software customization is available for your unique processes, circumstance and data management

Follow-up Action Reports – An inspection fail auto-generates an action report until the issue is resolved

Asset Templates instead of forms – The system uses asset or location templates for defining customer fields and controls for portability, simplicity and a reference library

Windows Local, Server, Cloud – Dot Net and SQL platforms are ubiquitous and familiar for support by FastRFID or your internal company IT as preferred

Windows 10 Surface and Notebooks – Window 10 offers common deployment and a familiar easy to use interface; with an even easier wireless link to a Feig glove scanner