No Theft GPS Commercial Vehicle Tracking System

Complete tracking system for farm / construction heavy equipment

No Theft GPS

We can track your stolen vehicle anywhere in the USA that has cell service! Contact us when your vehicle is stolen and we will work with law enforcement to recover it within hours. Thieves don’t have a chance – The modern choice.

Your personal web site shows you the location of your assets in real time within 2 minutes of your search – Anywhere that has cell coverage across the USA 24/7 from any internet connection.

This is designed to be hardwired into any machine with a 12 volt power source. This universal system is designed to do basic tasks, real time tracking, geo fencing, off hour alerts, and optional starter disable remote command. You will also have a private web site to set up the commands you want to use. This has a standard 1 year of service included at this price. Additional years are only $45 per year (Unit is guaranteed as long as you have service)..

No Theft GPS